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    Brandon Adams

    Brandon Adams grew up in his ancestral home of Greenville Texas, a small town just outside Dallas. These familial ties have played a large role in his passion for art, beginning with music, an appreciation cultivated by his parents from an early age with heavy emphasis on music that captured the cultural shifts of the 1960s and 1970s.

    Brandon graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas in 1997. He has worked as a creative director at several agencies and corporations. Throughout his career his use of color has defined his style. He uses color to attract consumers to products like bees to a wild flower. Through color, Brandon brings the emotions of each character to life.

    Brandon works with different mediums, including acrylic, spray paint, stain, water and oils. Blending these mediums to build up layers of complexity and rich textures is iconic of his style. Varieties of wood and defining elements are also incorporated to represent each character.

    "My paintings are not a parade of personal style and image. They are a showcase of passion, ambition, desire and accomplishment. It fuels my drive to continue to grow, dream and inspire. I want to do more than just paint but to share my soul."
    -Brandon Adams


    Micah Alexander

    Dallas-based Art Director Micah Alexander believes that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. He is obsessed with details, creative collaboration, and creating work that is both visually and emotionally engaging.

    His skill set includes design, photography, and illustration. He’s currently the lead Art Director for Beacon 121 in Downtown Dallas.


    Marissa Pryor


    The mysterious Marissa Pryor has a flair for the essentric. Her digital portrait designs are requested all over the world.  She loves drawing the female form and using color in all of her works.

    Paul Winker

    Contemporary and acrylic artist based out of Dallas Tx.  His work bring a perspective of the simple yet unknown.  His love for emoji brought some dope designs to Phunky Feet.


    Phillip Moore


    A branding and direct marketing genius.  He has worked on nationally recognized brands including: AT&T, Direct Energy, Dr Pepper, Funyuns, Diageo, Nokia and Phunky Feet!


    Lord Colin Oneal


    Lord Colin O’Neal has spent, over the course of the last decade, his time painting, traveling and selling his works across America. While spending his career in the pop art scene on the east coast he started to comprise artwork that was for personal enjoyment on the side. This practice of relieving his creative urge beyond that of commissioned pop art pieces amounted to a collection of work that, at its core, had no expectation for it to be shown or seen by anyone beyond close friends and family. Raw, creative painting, using technics that are unorthodox with a hint of traditional training seeping through.